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Industry leaders getting together to support an artistic initiative.

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Prizes and titles were awarded at the Triton Expo on May 25th, for the First Virtual Top Notch Tabletop Challenge. It was a blast, great turnout, beautiful afternoon. If you are a winner, and were out of town, please email

A total of 62 entries were submitted. We were transported to the Amalfi coast, and out into the galaxy (eating long and prosper). From Havana Nights, Pop Art, Romantic evenings, a beach set up, an All-white Tabletop, a scrumptious Italian Bistro, a Mexican Fiesta, perfectly curated gardens and seashell designs for every meal of the day, to a shipwreck and its treasures, including a cluster of bubbles and seahorses hanging from the light fixtures. Lots of great tips. Without further ado, the winners are:

At the Triton Expo we hosted our First Live Top Notch Tabletop Challenge, and we had 11 participants. Check out the beautiful displays.

This challenge would not be possible, without an amazing group of sponsors. It takes a village, and we are so happy we found our tribe. Our team consists of local businesses and yachties (Captains, First Mate, Chefs, Chief Stews) who now own their own business or work within our industry to bring back the love and support from landbase to those making a difference out at sea. Industry leaders getting together to support an artistic initiative.

Captain Brian Muston, First Mate Nicholas Gray, ex Chief Stew Irma Malabanan, representing Savvy Maritime Academy, our beloved Below Deck star, Chief Stew Bugsy Drake, who recently wrote "The Art of Tablescaping"; the yacht guru, ex Chief Stew Alene Keenan, ex Chief Stew Julie Perry, author of "The Insider's Guide to becoming a yacht stewardess", Chef Gavin McMichael, owner of SuperYachtResume, ex Chief Stew Jo Cooper, representing Meridian Crew Placement, Chief Stew Bethany Hodnefield, representing The Cocktail Guru, Chef Keith Clifford and ex Chief Stew Cris Clifford, owners of Aqualuxe Outfitting. All yacht crew supporting yacht crew.

We are so lucky to have the support of luxury brand Christofle, a staple in yachting; Maritime Professional Training, better known as MPT, whos campus includes the latest technologies in SMART classrooms with the most realistic engineering and training labs; Blue Oceans who handles recruitment, charters, brokerage and yacht management, seamlessly; Floral designer, Lorrie Sanon from Indigo Hues Designs; our media: favorite yacht photographer/videographer, Suki Finnerty from YachtingToday.TV, Dockwalk and Triton.

MEGA THANKS to all involved! And cheers 🥂 to all those who go the extra mile!

Behind the scenes there are so many beautiful souls, and one of those is Dorie Cox from the Triton. Thank you Dorie for your continued support and outstanding reporting.

From Left to Right: Bethany Hodnefield representing The Cocktail Guru, Courtney from Blue Oceans Yachting, Instructor Irma Malabanan, from Savvy Maritime Academy, Jo Cooper, representing Meridian Crew Placement, Suki Finnerty from Yachting Today. TV, Chef Keith Clifford and Designer Cris Clifford, owners of Aqualuxe Outfitting. Photo by YachtingToday.TV


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Grazie mille, Merci, Muchas Gracias, Pura Vida!


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