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Indigo Hues Designs: Floral Tips

It's boat show time!!! and time to get out THE contact list, in Laudy, for all your yachtie services. Here is one you want to take note to, Ms. Lorrie Sanon from Indigo Hues Floral Designs. If you follow her instagram account you will fall head over heels, impeccable taste, new totally organic designs. If you are looking for something unique and in-budget; write her an email and set up an appointment. FLIBS is just around the corner.

I asked her if she would share with us a tip of two:


Indigo Hues Designs Floral Tips

by Lorrie Sanon


Perhaps the most powerful component of any floral arrangement is its color scheme. Color is emotive because it has an immediate impact on our senses, and it can communicate a mood or a message almost instantly. Some basic principles about color theory can be applied to Floral arranging to help you choose the right flowers and foliage to make designs that create an inviting atmosphere and are stylish to look at.


To prolong the life and look of your flowers, change the water or mist floral foam displays and moisten the foam every other day. If you use flower food, change the water every 4 to 5 days.

Stems in vase arrangements also need to be recut every few days, as their ends soon become waterlogged and mushy restricting the flow of water up to the flower and causing the flowers to droop and lose their petals more quickly.

Recutting each stem rehydrates the flower head and keeps them looking fresh.

Design Tip:

Every floral design must suit the occasion and the surroundings it is intended for, so decide on your container first before you select the flowers. Think about the impression you want to create and consider the size, shape, and color of the container in order to get the right look.

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Here is how to contact her:

Lorrie Sanon. 305.417.2254. Follow her Instagram page Indiohues77 and Facebook @floraldesigninteriordecor.


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