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The Basics of Tablescaping

What a fabulous afternoon! Tuesday May 15th, I had the opportunity to visit the KinDoo Family Center in Indiantown, Florida. The KinDoo Family Center supports, strengthens, and empowers individuals and families through offering tuition-free, broad-based programs that meet the needs and values of the community. The center was created by Sister Mary Dooley and Sister Kate Kinnally as they became aware of the great need for the education of the parents. They offer sewing, English, nutrition, cooking & exercise, art and computers.

I was invited to participate and I got to meet a wonderful group of women from various nationalities and backgrounds, all eager to learn the Basics of Tablescaping. We went thru the process of setting the table, identifying every element, creating a cover for a formal tablesetting and we all had fun folding napkins for every occasion. I showed them some of the photos from Top Notch Tabletop so they could see, how a simple napkin fold can be very elegant and how intricate folds, create a wow factor.

As a little girl, my first chore at our house besides always having to keep an eye out for my younger siblings, was to set the table. I remember my father showing me which side the fork and the knife go, not to forget the napkins, and to bring glasses and “el fresco”, a pitcher of my mom’s freshly made fruit-beverage-of-the-day. And one of my favorite memories is my godmother showing me how to create the water lily fold, which is probably the only fold I know by heart. Obviously yachting took my love for tablesetting to the next level and this week, I am so grateful I got to share my passion with these ladies at KinDoo.

KinDoo Family Center is a not-profit organization and is completely dependent on the contributions of individuals, foundations, and organizations to meet the annual operating budget. Your support makes it possible for us to provide much-needed educational opportunities to a disadvantaged community, ultimately helping many families to break free from the cycle of poverty. If you wish to donate, please contact Sister Mary Dooley at 772-597-5551 or email her at

Learn more about KinDoo Family Center and ways you can volunteer. It is not too far from Rybovich.

If you would like to inquire about having this fun class onboard, email our team at


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