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The quality, functionality, engineering and warranty of a Vitamix is like no other

When choosing a new blender, Vitamix is the way to go! Makes frozen treats, juice, smoothies, soups, spreads... let your creativity flow. Best of all, is the responsive controls that enable you to create the perfect consistency for a full range of products. Chopping, grinding, pureeing and juicing are some of the benefits of this professional series blender. Below are our Top 4 -Best sellers:

*Pricing does not include state taxes


The 750 professional series is the mac-daddy of blenders in the market.

Choose between 3 finishes. 7 year warranty.

If you are working on a yacht that caters to at least 12 guests and 5 crew, this is a must-have tool and worth the investment.


The S-series is the compact blender, perfect for the crew area:

I own the S50 and it is essential in my morning routine. This is a good size to have in the crew mess. You can purchase various cups that you label per crew member and everyone can make their own “Vita-booster” every day. The chef is already cutting the fruit, so have a bag of kale or spinach in the crew fridge, add some brazilian nuts or chia seeds, some frozen berries and you’ve got yourself breakfast in a cup! FYI, it is best to soak the nuts and seeds overnight, even for a couple of hours, making the nutrients more available to the body.


a pre-programmed Commercial-grade option:


& an economical option:


We recently came across this great video by Deninson Yachts Crew featuring Chef James Garvey onboard Motoryacht "W" creating a beautiful fruit platter

and utilizing the off-cuts to make a smoothie, check it out:

For yachties, breakfast is the most important meal. Chef James shows how easy and quickly you can prepare a delicious smoothie with a major boost of nutrients by mixing a hand-full of the following ingredients into your Vitamix:

•morning fruit cut-offs



•frozen mango chunks (he is using Organic 365 which is a Wholefood's brand)

• & coconut water (365 Wholefoods)

The frozen fruit and chilled coconut water cools the smoothie to the perfect temperature while hydrating and boosting your energy.

Thank you Deninson Yacht Crew, we can't wait to see more of your videos!

Photo & Video taken from YouTube

Email us at your request, port and ETD, so we can figure the logistics to get your Vitamix to you in time for your next trip. The Vitamix promotion ends 9/10/16.


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