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Carafes for morning and evening service

Alfi's carafes are an excellent choice. So many options to choose from in design, size and specific functionality (tea, coffee, milk…).

Some of the features we love:

Their double-walled vacuum glass liner will keep liquids hot or cold long after the guests are gone for up to 12 hours. Some feature alfiDur vacuum hardglass liner, metal handle and hinged cover with stopper. Hinged lid provides single-hand operation. The twin-walled alfiDur thoughened hardglass liner creates a vacuum between the walls, allowing neither heat nor cold to escape. 100% performance tested and manufactured in Germany.

easy care:

Cleaning and Care: Hand wash with warm soapy water. Don’t forget to add a cleaning brush to your list $12.50. The colored carafes will need some extra care as far as storing. Try to keep them in a place where they won't constantly rub against each other, this could case scratches on the lacquer. We also offer special storing bags if needed.


Our top seller is the Gusto Carafe (see image at top of the page), as it is a modern clean design that comes in various colors to match your tabletop set for continental breakfast or the evening coffee service. Price-point is another reason why it is so popular retailing only $100. But this carafe is only offered in the 1 Liter size. Lacquered colors: White, Royal Blue, Red, Space Grey, Apple Green, Black and Aquamarine.

Juwel is a classic, with sexy curves and a chrome finish. Offered in the following sizes: 0.5L ($215) and 0.75L ($225) are perfect for turndown carafes, 1L ($250) and 1.5L ($300) are service size carafes.

Opal Carafe used to come in a smaller size, which we used for the milk service, currently it is only offered in 1L ($200) and 1.5L ($250). Very similar to the Juwel in design it is sold in chrome or white lacquer finish:

Albergo Carafe is a modern design, similar to the Gusto but not as tall. Offered in 3 sizes: 1Liter ($125), 1.5 Liter ($150) and 2 Liter ($165).

Pallas Carafe has a sleek design, and comes in 4 finishes: Chrome ($160), Space Grey, Polar White and Midnight Black ($145), all 1L size:

Hotello Carafe has a simple yet elegant design, available in 3 sizes. 0.6L ($140) are perfect turndown size carafes, and 1L ($165) and 1.5L ($190) for service. All in a shiny stainless steel finish:

Gusto Top Therm Carafe is a matte stainless steel carafe available in 3 sizes: 0.6L ($85) (turndown size), 1L ($ 115) and 1.5L ($125):

Before checking out, inquire about our mini breakfast tags, which you place in front of the carafes to reference the beverage. We can customize beverage signs for Milk, Regular, Hot Water, Decaf, Skim Milk, 2%, Almond Milk, Half & Half, Soy Milk… you name it! They come in Platinum or Gold with Black lettering. It has a support on the back to keep upright:

Email us for a quote! If you purchase 2 or more carafes you receive 15% off retail price.

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