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Top Notch Tabletop Challenge @ the Palm Beach Boat Show 2016

It wasn't a surprise to see the girls from M/Y Sovereign take the 4 categories by storm and win them all! Perhaps their tip of the day prepared them best: "Our tip is when getting ready for charter-time, always take the 6 P's in consideration: Prior Preparation Prevents Piss-Poor Performance." And so they prepared and were the only yacht who competed in all 4 categories.

ALL tabletops were stunning! From shamrocks, celebrating St. Patrick's day to "The Seasons Onboard" captivating our attention with a different season display in every deck.

M/Y Huntress, a 55m Feadship, impressed with a musical theme. A free-form style of musical elements conform the centerpiece, they tied in the menu with items like "Mozart-rella Cheese, "Let it Bees" Honey vinaigrette, "Jazz'min" rice, finished off by "Rhythm and Rind" "John Lemon" Cheesecake, and that is not all, these artists will join in busting a full musical performance and the night becomes a Talent Show Aboard.

We were transported to Italy to enjoy a feast aboard M/Y Gravitas, a 52m Feadship. Rita, Camille & Lizelle displayed an extraordinary tabletop including food elements, like bread, raw vegetables, fruit and capri salad sticks; completed with wine bottle candle holders and a vine runner.

All Top Notch Tabletops were creative and every design had a different story to tell.

Check out for the complete photo-shoot.

Thank you for sharing your tablesettings and tips with stews around the world!

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