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Marine Mats: Dock

Marine Mats: Dock

Marine Mat. Dock Mat. Size TBD; Color TBD; Binding TBD; Artwork Color TBD.

Available in 2 styles: Waffle or Berber

Waffle: Heavy duty rubber backing/binding  and Heavy Duty Waffle Weave with Inlay detail 
Berber: Heavy duty rubber backing/binding and Heavy Duty Berber Weave with Inlay detail


Standard sizes include: 2’x3’, 3’x4’ (BEST SELLER), 3”x5”, 4’x6’, 4’x8’

But once again we can customize them to your preference.


Dock mats are drainable Mats, ideal for exposed outdoor applications. Water can simply drain right off the sloped borders and thus not collect on the mat. Due to their raised square or "waffle" like pattern, these entrance floor mats aggressively scrape shoes clean of dirt, debris and water. Constructed from an anti-static polypropylene material which will dry quickly and will not fade nor rot. 

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