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Have you been thinking about fine tuning your bar skills? Here is your chance.

The one and only, Jonathan Pogash, “The Cocktail Guru,” one of the most premiere cocktail consultants and bartenders for restaurants and spirit companies in the US and his father, Jeffrey Pogash, writer of "How To Read A Wine Label, A Dictionary of French and California Wines", will be scheduling advanced Modules at Bluewater and private On-Board training courses while visiting South Florida during FLIBS 2022.

I've been fortunate to see this duo in action, and they are the bomb! A wealth of knowledge. You can't miss this.

Jonathan was trained by cocktail luminaries Steve Olson, Gary Regan, Julie Reiner, and Albert Trummer. Throughout the years, a style emerged – that of a career bartender interested in studying technique, cocktail history, fresh ingredients, and seasonality. His inspiration lies in unique ingredients and quality ensuring that every beverage program he creates remains consistent. His signature cocktails can be seen and enjoyed in many of North America’s most upscale cocktail lounges, restaurants and now, yachts around the world.

If you are serious about improving your knowledge and receiving GUEST/IAMI certification and accreditation leading to career advancement, then this is your chance to schedule an in person class, this boatyard season, before heading out to the Caribbean.

Jonathan and Jeffrey Pogash, the only GUEST Program/IAMI accredited instructors in the U.S., offer two-day fun-filled classes on Mixology and Wine. These courses are appropriate for beginners or those with prior training.

You can schedule an On Board Mixology and Wine Education Course, accredited or not, whether you are docked here in South Florida or they will travel to location and meet you at your port of choice.

Contact info:

Email them directly for more information and how to book:

Great team building event, learn the correct garnishes, glassware to use, history of beverages. Your team will be ready to wow the guests with not only, new fancy drinks but fun facts, that will get everyone at the table involved. The next level. Cris Clifford


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