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The Virtual Tour of TNT Challenge @PBBS 2019

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

34 stews, 16 yachts participating

Aqualuxe Outfitting hosted once again the official tabletop competition of the season. Our judges, Julie Perry, the author of The Insider's Guide of How to become a Yacht Stewardess, Sara Trelo, Director of Business Development at Christofle, Jo Cooper, Placement Coordinator for Bluewater and Cris Clifford, designer and outfitter at Aqualuxe, hit the docks bright and early, judging the following 5 categories for creativity, aesthetic and overall design impact. And boy did it turn out to be a difficult task.

Right at the heart of the show, we started on M/Y Silver Lining , where Julie and Logan showcased an elegant and sophisticated table setting. Their tip, “Layering, the more the better,” was showcased with an elegant display. Starting at the base was a mirror placemat, a capiz shell piece and a Coral charger, topped with a starburst napkin ring of beads.

[Hover your mouse over the arrows to see the slideshows per yacht].

M/Y Siete, created a balance between differently sized taper candles, incorporating calla lilies and beads. Chief Stew Mica and Carmen opted for a neutral color, accenting the interior. Tip of the Day: “Anticipate your guest needs. Learn how they take their coffee, for example, make them feel like royalty“.

Next up M/Y Serenity displayed a clean line of orchids and a lantern surrounded by silver placemats, china and napkin ring accents. Chief Stew Kerrigan and Leilani’s Tip of the day: “Keep Calm and deep breaths.”

Chief Stew CC & Anna of M/Y Ocean Club, mmade us hop like bunnies! They pulled out all the stops to compete in each category. Their outdoor tabletop showcased a napkin decoration made out of 44 differently cut pieces. We call this setting the Lily Pulitzer. For the interior setting, they opted for a French take on design. The menu was personalized with a wax stamp, and the drink of choice was a White Port, Gin and Tonic Martini. Tip of the Day: “Having onboard an extensive collection of wine. This app is the best! Download VinoCell. List, sort, and order your collection. It will even notify you when you need to turn the bottles.”

As we stepped into the dining room of M/Y Ionian Princess, we were transported to a Greek Island with a tantalizing menu and goddess statues taking on the centerpiece. Chief Stew Carli, Helen and Kayleigh also showcased colorful and well-balanced spring flower bouquets, integrating lemon and lime layers on the vase. Tip of the Day: “At the boatyard there might be several paint projects going on, and if you get paint on yourself the easiest way to take it off is to use baby oil or cooking oil. If the paint is epoxy base use vinegar. Comes right off.”

M/Y Qing used brown, gold, and coral colors, establishing the charger as the focal point. Accents included white linens, rock coral napkin rings, beads, and small candles. The drink was over the top…top notch! Botanical Gin, watermelon balls, fresh ginger, lime and mint composed the delightful beverage. Thank you Erin and Lisa for sharing! Tip of the Day: “Be like a duck. It is smooth and calm on the surface but paddle like crazy under the water; and teamwork, a good team is the best thing on a boat.”

The perfectly folded napkin earned chief stew Jessica the title of Most Artistic Napkin Fold onboard M/Y To-Kalon. The centerpiece was a bird’s nest at the foot of a tall spring bouquet, surrounded by greenery. Tip of the Day: “Let go, of your pride. Then you can learn so much more. Don’t close yourself off to suggestions.”

M/Y Mizu’s Luxe Interior tabletop was exquisite. Beautifully pressed purple tower napkins, accented by orchids, was simple and sophisticated. On the top deck, the Asian inspired tabletop featured Buddha surrounded by greenery and candlelight. Judges loved the combination of geometric gold placemats, black square plates, and hints of green under two purple rosebuds as napkins. Sake was being served on a stunning beverage tray that included a custom framed menu and origami art over a bed of foliage. Tip of the Day: “No matter where you live, go all in! Nothing is too far away. Here I am in yachting and I am originally from Tennessee.”

Onboard M/Y Chasseur, a combination of white flowers in different size bouquets made the centerpiece romantic. Chief Stew Janelle, Julia, and Madeline delivered “spring is in the air”, fresh, young, modern, and chic. Tip of the Day: “Set the table with silver polishing gloves, kill 2 birds with 1 stone”.

M/Y Lazy Z presented a colorful shell themed centerpiece with wooden chargers and a double napkin fan with a capiz ring. Tip of the Day: “When finishing or leaving a room, always look behind you, even when in a hurry.”

Chief stew Natasha, Jenny and Marilyn of M/Y Angiamo, dressed the table in blues and golds, with pops of fuchsia and pink orchids. This Polynesian party served Mai Tai and Cointreau with a sugar rim. Tip of the Day: “Love the life you live, live the life you love.”

Chief Stew Marta and Sarah-Ann from M/Y Balaju, designed a collage of shells, tealights and colorful glass balls. Tip of the Day: “Don’t screw the crew.”

M/Y Mim lead by Chief Stew Amy, Liz, and Courtney captivated our attention with an stylish blue hues table setting, complete with starburst bead napkin rings and candlelight. Their napkin show piece was a black formal jacket that included a secret menu. Tip of the Day: “When vacuuming, to get to those hard to reach places, get a sheet of paper, fold it into a cone, and insert one end into the vacuum.”

Veteran Chief Stew Nico, Chenelle and Kerry from M/Y MAG III, inspired by the season, created a welcoming Pink Gin Martini, infused with rosewater, hibiscus tea and egg white foam, presented on a pedestal by a bunny. The beautifully crafted interior tabletop included crowns of eucalyptus, candlelight, bow-tied napkins and rosebud folds. The menu was folded into a perfect triangle. Tip of the Day: “Instead of buying flowers all the time, we source different materials along our travels. Handmade pieces such as a drift wood burned with a magnifying glass with the name of our boat and 3 holes for candles, made a long lasting impression on our guests. Buy minimal, conserve nature”.

Chief stew Judy, from M/Y Amitie created a garden with the most charming decorations. Butterflies cascading from the light fixture, pastel-colored bouquets accented by little diamond rocks, a 3-rose menu design like no other written on glass, and a sweet-tooth station. For beverage presentation, “When Gin met Rose in the garden of Frieda”. Yes, that just happened. Look for that photo as it is a teaching moment. Rose champagne, Gin, elder flower and a pomegranate popsicle. Tip of the Day: “Excellent service doesn’t cost you anything, but poor service could cost you everything.”

Utilizing spring colors, chief stew Dawn and Moe onboard M/Y Lumiere, created a seashell themed centerpiece, complete with a colorful beaded runner and gold rim glassware. Tip of the Day: "Breaks my heart that pirates spend their whole life following a map, when the real treasure is the friendship they build along the way"

All Top Notch Tabletops were creative and every design had a different story to tell. Lots of great tips and new design ideas. Everyone (literally) brought something to the table.

Thank you, everyone, for all your hard work. If you were not selected as a winner in these categories, remember that every setting earned a Top Notch Tabletop title of Excellence, and you may still win on Facebook! Thank you for sharing your tips and tricks of the trade! And thank you to our sponsors that made all of this possible.

The 2 main Luxe Interior and Chic Outdoors categories will be judged on Facebook with the winners receiving the highest number of likes for the photos. Each yacht will have 3 photos per setting. The sum of the likes for the 3 photos will be the total votes per setting. Tell your friends , crew, brokers and family to vote by following the links above. Voting ends Sunday April 14th at Midnight. Winners will be announced April 17th at the Spring Triton Expo at West Marine, Fort Lauderdale. Save the date!

Click on the photo below to follow the links and vote!


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Category: Luxe Interior

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Category: Chic Outdoors


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