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TBT: Top Notch Tabletop: NAUTI-LOVE

Chief stew Juliet Paola and her team from M/Y Livernano, a 95' Princess, were inspired by cupid and shared a "Nauti-Love" Top Notch Tabletop at the Miami Boat Show 2016.
Guests are welcomed with a glass of Prosecco from the owner's Italian vineyard & a cooled refreshing finger tip towel on a teardrop plate decorated with hearts & petals. The bar set up is just the tease of decorations to what is about to be revealed at the dining room table.
Experience "Butter me up" Nut Squash Soup and a "Love Me Tender" Rack of Lamb with all the naughty fixings. Every detail, down to the crushed red pepper heart-shaped on the bread plate, was spot on. Her creative napkin fold into a love letter, hides the scrumptious menu.
Intertwining rope, roses and hearts in bold colors were some of the tabletop elements highlighting the yacht's interior and artwork.

Thank you for sharing with us Juliet!

Click HERE for the complete photo-shoot.

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