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With so many interior designers in South Florida, why choose Aqualuxe Outfitting?

Aqualuxe Outfitting is the Insider’s Source to Luxury Yacht Outfitting Essentials.

It provides a one-stop-virtual-shop, where you will find the latest trends in service accessories, stateroom linens, spa amenities, bar tools, galley gadgets, tabletop must have’s & outdoor beach essentials. Recently we expanded our services to supply uniforms as well.

The shop online allows easy searches, for the items that the interior crew, are looking for, but keep in mind this is a limited catalog. Email us your wish list. What do you want to accomplish this refit season? Your boss is looking to build a new boat and you have no idea where to start? Contact us for a free consult.

Functional design must be taken into account when outfitting and designing yacht interiors. Using products that work well to perform their assigned tasks taking into consideration the obvious elements (storage, movement, weather, salt, travel schedules, service styles, just to name a few). Every boat is different.

Our customer service will assist in those hard to find replacements needed. Aqualuxe further creates and customizes an “Outfitting Brochure” for every project, including item descriptions and images for easy reference, which then can be sent to the Yachts Owners, for quick approval.

New builds and refits:

Keeping in mind the importance of work schedules and protocols in newbuilds and refits, Aqualuxe offers expedient, cost efficient, and professional service on every project and a package for every budget. You can choose from options at every price level without compromising quality.

Decorating, fabric selection, guest and crew bedding, drapery, upholstery, recovering ceiling panels, outdoor cushions, canvas covers, and furniture selection are just a few of the items we can help you with.

Customer Service is our top priority, and we are committed to meeting the deadlines. We ship internationally and are available to travel worldwide to meet the demands of our elite clientele.

What sets us apart from other marine outfitting services, you ask?

Pricing and experience. Years of experience aboard and outfitting some of the largest most lavish yachts, has narrowed it down to the “must haves onboard”. From the extremely high-end vendors to hotel suppliers, we have an extensive library, and deal directly with the manufacturers. We know firsthand the importance of experience in the Luxury Yacht Industry and continue to work closely with top stewardesses and interior designers to keep our clientele with the best selections available in today’s market.

We specialize in bespoke interior decorating and outfitting services, we begin by taking into account the size of the vessel, because of storage limitations, whether it is private or charter, will determine many factors. For example, we have a yacht with two owners, very distinct tastes, and we customize their stay aboard so that every aspect from bedding to the service style is according to their personal preferences.

"I was crew, I identify myself and understand the interior challenges. Local and abroad boatyard periods, preference sheets, inventories, duty schedules, flower arrangements, silver service courses, medical training, bar mixology, event planning, crew training, interior manuals, 24Hr turn-around’s… Yes I did them all… NE USA Coast, Bahamas, Caribbean Islands, the Med, yes several times. Nearly a decade of top tier Charter-Private Yacht Interior & Estate Service. Once you have been in yachting as long as I have been, happens that your deckies 10 years ago are now captaining their own vessels and the stews are now brokers, event planners and moms and we get to still work together. Yachting is like a big family to us" explains Cris Clifford, owner of Aqualuxe Outfitting.

We are your virtual assistant.

We asked some clients why they keep choosing us?

And this is what they had to say:

"Working on a busy charter yacht means that we are constantly in need of new products, replacements, and fresh ideas. Aqualuxe always provides me with exceptional service that ticks all of our boxes. No matter where I am in the world and what we need, Cris is able to provide us with fast, efficient and most importantly for me, personalized service with a competitive edge."

Sahar Afshar Chief Stewardess M/Y Lazy Z 170' Oceanco

"I've choosen Aqualuxe for the past 5 years because of the service I get from Cris and her team. Her communication is always prompt which is important to us yachties. She goes above and beyond on each and every item we order, big or small, making sure we get it on time and it's exactly what we are looking for. Can't give Aqualuxe enough praise."

Bethany Hodnefield Chief Stewardess M/Y Seven J*s 156' Delta

Our team

Aqualuxe Outfitting was founded, and managed by Cristina Clifford, a 16 year veteran with both yacht and estate clientele, including nearly a decade of top tier charter/private Yacht Interior Service and 8 years of design work. Cristina furthered her experience by obtaining a degree in Interior Design at the esteemed Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, where she then assisted in opening and subsequently managing a yacht design and retail store for three years. She has catered to the professional needs of approximately 150 yachts ranging in size from 60' up to 337' worldwide.

Chef Keith Clifford, is the founder of Relief Chef Services and has been a Yacht Chef for over 20 years. With his roots here in South Florida Keith worked his way through local restaurants and hotels; where he excelled at crew training and management at an early age, earning an advanced placement in the prestigous Johnson & Wales program of Culinary Arts, Charleston, South Carolina in which he graduated Summa Cum Laude and had the opportunity to apprentice at The Cloister, Sea Island, Georgia. Upon graduation Keith then took to the sea to train the staff of Wind Jammer Barefoot Cruise Line, where he got the love of the open water and call to travel and experience cultures from port to port.

We work closely with many professionals in our industry that make a difference. Promote ex-yachties who have ventured into land and found their niche doing what they do best. Be sure to subscribe to the blog to best keep you informed. And please share with us. Photos, moments, recipes, what works. Inspire and be inspired!

Can't wait to hear from you, and hopefully create a long lasting business relationship.

We understand the importance of leadership, teamwork and friendly professional service.

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